Headquartered in Switzerland, JRR Crypto is the world's leading blockchain ecosystem industry investment group.  JRR Crypto’s business is defined into 8 pillars, as such: blockchain incubators and industrial parks, business consulting, investment banking, blockchain industry funds, blockchain media, digital currency trading platforms, digital currency secondary market trading and digital asset management. We don’t just invest, but have unique growth plans for each of the pillars aligned with our unique investment strategy.

The JRR Crypto Group has completed more than 40 early investments of blockchain projects and ecosystem, including but not limited to:  Binance, QuarkChain, Merculet, BKBT, PChain, DxChain, MultiVac, Aergo, Hashgard, BlockCloud, WAX, Fanx, Global Risk Exchange, Olive, Content Box, SYNCO, Dimension, ORS, MSC, UseChain, CarBlock, Hero Node, Chelecom, CoinSuper, Certik, Chain Capital, TokenGazer, Crypto Venture, DrSafe, Gantry, Hubox, TLAB, Tippin Live, DACC and etc.